Our black cars are for you and your party only. You will decide where, when, and how long you’ll go, giving you your taste your way.

We believe that wine tasting should be a leisurely experience, with some room to play with. On one of our tours, you will have the opportunity to choose how long you want to stay at a certain winery, distillery, or brewery.

Another way we help with a stress free experience is offering our planning services. We can book the wineries, distilleries, or breweries for you, using our extensive knowledge of the area.

If you wish to book the destinations, we provide a few suggestions below of a few of our favorite places. We also suggest considering the best tasting options for you. Most wineries, distilleries, and breweries offer purchase by the glass and bottle, making it possible to “taste” their products more cost effectively if you are looking to try new products without tasting.

Contact us for fares! These will be baseline fares for the services, tasting charges will apply on top of our fares.

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